Behavioral Medicine

  • Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain often interferes with activities, causes sleep problems, alters work and social life, and leads to life patterns such as exercise and eating. Folks who experience this deserve good support, and more! Dr. Hernandez has years of experience helping clients make necessary life adjustments and resolve the suffering that can go along with long standing illness, changes in status, and pain. Clients learn training in coping skills and pain management techniques, individualized life style adjustments, and help acquire ways of thinking and being that will enhance comfort and quality of life. We can use psychotherapy, hypnosis, and other techniques that access the unconscious parts of the mind quite adequately — for changing emotional and physical states, enhancing comfort, and learning or monitoring health behavior and attitude changes.

  • Chronic disease management
  • Behavior and lifestyle modification for better health, including weight, eating, exercise and addiction management
  • Psychological preparation for surgery and pre-surgical and procedural evaluations
  • Interdisciplinary Medicine and Coordination of Care