Beginning Personal Life Coaching

The questions we’ll ask and answer together are “Who are you?” and “Where would you like to go from here?”

Your life script begins as a blank slate. YOU get to do the writing.

The way to reach goals is to define them and set them in place.

You only know what you want or need if, for a moment, you didn’t have it; take advantage of that moment when it comes along.

Your goal for a fulfilling life is to break through the attachments and dams that block your potential and prevent you from being your true Self.

Regarding your desired outcomes, the question is not “Is it possible” but rather “How is it possible?”

You are infinitely more capable and flexible than you think you are.

Life is full of opportunity, even in the wake of adversity.  Now is always the perfect time for new learning and positive change, regardless of age and circumstance.

Everything happens for a reason.  Your life is a series of paths chosen by a combination of your talents, interests, successes, and needs – whether you knew it or not!

There are no mistakes, only opportunities for feedback.

Your life right now is PERFECT – in hindsight it’s perfectly clear how you got here, and it is a perfect time to modify things.