Practice Overview

Services include

  • Psychotherapy for all issues leading to distress
  • Life and personal coaching
  • Family, intergenerational and workplace relationships and communication
  • Behavior Management and Weight Control

For concerns that include but are not limited to:

  • Stress management
  • Crisis management
  • Grief resolution
  • Couples counseling
  • Planning out your future
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Evaluations and preparation for bariatric or general surgery
  • Comprehensive pain management
  • Relaxation training

How we work together

  • In Person – Most commonly, clients come to her office in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, in Durham near both Chapel Hill and Raleigh.
  • By telephone – In some situations we can work over the telephone. No travel needed! You call at a specified, mutually convenient appointment time, usually weekly, three times a month.
  • Cybercoaching – Some clients feel they really communicate best through email and prefer to be coached that way. Jeanne will respond in two working days, or we can make appointments for a briefer turnaround time.

Psychotherapy and Coaching

PSYCHOTHERAPY is a relationship between two or more people. The PSYCHOLOGIST is a highly trained partner, a consistent supporter who really listens and works to meet clients’ goals and needs. The relationship allows for a comprehensive understanding of problems with a holistic view, accurate goal setting and perseverance, providing expanded resources and accountability. CLIENTS are adjusting to life circumstances, ranging from pain, injury or disease to marriage and new careers, that are overwhelming, baffling, or that become obstacles on their life paths. Clients look for assistance coping or amending thoughts, behaviors and emotions for greater comfort and success, and for restoring mental and physical well-being.
COACHING is also a relationship. The COACH is a highly trained partner, a consultant, a consistent supporter. He/she really listens and wants more for you than you want for yourself and looks for growth in all areas of your life. The CLIENTS, already successful and resourceful, desire to start or expand their careers, get more from their work and personal relationships, develop a firmer personal foundation, or explore who and what they really want to be. The relationship allows for good goal-setting, persistence, expanded resources, and accountability for making the leaps forward.
Like Psychotherapy, Coaching usually starts with a presenting issue and proceeds to address the whole person. Coaching is not therapy or teaching, nor is it preaching, badgering or catering. It helps define outcomes and increase awareness. When you define what you really know you want, the path to getting it unfolds for you.
Dr. Hernandez has advanced coaching training with CoachU ( and Erickson University (