Building and managing good relationships and fostering good interpersonal communication

Dr. Hernandez believes in the value of improving all relationships, however distant they may need to be, and knows how to help. She is particularly interested in:

  • Couples therapy
  • Improving extended family and in-law relationships
  • Resolving conflict fostering healthy communication in the workplace
  • Improving communication and healthy relationships among friends and neighbors
  • Building a good spiritual relationship with loved ones who are deceased or far away

Fostering good intrapersonal communication

  • Improving self-esteem and self-respect
  • Building and fostering a healthy intrapersonal relationship within the clients so that they will have better self-control, self-respect and self-support, and have those internal conversations that get them through difficult times and also to where they want to go in life

Dispute Resolution

  • Dr. Hernandez also works with attorneys and their clients during mediation, litigation and trial. Obviously any conflict is difficult, and so is the process of resolving it. Clients often need support to figure out what settlement they really want. They may require emotional support through the litigation process, or they may have things to say to a therapist that they don’t want known to the courtroom. She can also support clients who have to maintain contact with the opposing party.